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"Globalization is not a phenomenon. It is not just some passing trend. Today it is an overarching international system shaping the economics, domestic politics and foreign relations of virtually every country, and we need to understand it as such."

- The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Thomas Friedman

The Case for "Viaci-izing" your wireless products and services

Why not simply do it yourself ?

Undoubtedly your company already has very competent sales and marketing staff, and many of them already have strong international contacts. Certainly your team can make exploratory inquiries, and eventually get the job done over time. However, unless the strategy is expertly orchestrated and the proper partnerships are consummated by employing a successful methodology, your company may waste valuable time; worse yet, perhaps your competitors will be forewarned, gaining precious market intelligence if your efforts are not sufficiently incisive, thus damaging your company. The question is: "Is your team simply selling product as usual or are they working to develop an 'unfair market advantage' for your company?".

What is the Viaci difference ?

Viaci principals have conducted international business development professionally for decades, and we have relationships with key executive decision makers in our respective industries with whom we can work confidentially. We don't have time to waste: neither yours, our executive contacts, nor ours. We work on getting your company that "unfair market advantage" over your competitors.

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